Ranked Lobbies

Ranked Lobbies are still in beta , if u need higher ranks it may take some time for us to lvl up bots

We are proud to deliver our award winning service to players, in every country and on every platform – all done through our 100% real console array with a 0% chance of getting banned – absolutely guaranteed!

What can this be used for?
– Boosting your mw2 stats
– Levelling up any guns
– Maxing out all your weapons easily
– No grind needed for your camos easily obtain gold, platinum, Polyatomic and Orion with just a few games

How does it work ?

– All bots are run off PS5s, and are completely safe to play against.
– They’ll stand more or less still, moving periodically to avoid AFK timers.
– They’ll fire randomly, but never attack you.
– It’s completely safe for you. All the kills and stats you get in game will count as if it were a real match.


Discord: https://discord.gg/zeusboost
Email: Lag@zeusboost.io
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ZeusBoostServices

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