Steam Linkable Activision Accounts

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  • Aged account will NOT be linked to a battle net account These accounts will all work on wz1/mw2019 & wz3/MWIII.
  • The stats are for wz1/mw2019 but there is a high probability of having similar stats in wz2/MWII.
  • There is no such thing as MWII aged accounts with accurate stats for MWII.
  • This aged account does NOT hold the games this is purely just the stats for the activision account.
  • The login info will NOT be a battle net or steam it is just activision account user:pass you will link it to a fresh battle net or steam. These are not supposed to last forever but they can, they typically last a few days to a few weeks. If your account does not work, login info wrong, already linked to battle net i will replace. If your account comes pre shadow banned (very very low chance of happening) i will replace.
Important information:

The majority of steam linkable accounts do work on Battle Net as well, steam is just prioritized.



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